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London - Criminal Damage and Vandalism

Postby Simmo's lingerie ski mask » Wed Jul 11, 2018 7:54 am

London - Criminal Damage and Vandalism

Hello all,

I recently had a man rent my dungeon for a session and absolutely wrecked it. Here are the details. I can provide email address and phone number by DM.

Name: Peter
Email: o________78@yahoo.co.uk
Phone number: 079807472**

white, English (posh, Boris Johnson-style accent)
roughly 6’2”
short, blond hair with a side-parting
yellow, long-sleeve shirt and blue chinos
big, gold watch
under the influence of alcohol and drugs
Kept asking if the place was clean, only wanted to pay cash (so we didn't have any of his details), kept asking for the address, dismissive, pompous
Phrases: “sir”, “old boy”

He contacted us to rent my dungeon for use with a female escort. He continuously asked, "Is it clean?" over and over and over again. He also asked whether there were cameras in the dungeon. He smoked cigars and asked if he could do this inside. He rented the dungeon for 5 hours and played music extremely loudly. He and the escort he was with left abruptly when time was up, leaving the front door wide open. When we got into my dungeon, we found all the kit everywhere, lube and oil over everything, glasses smashed, latex ripped, bespoke equipment bent, damaged and ripped, toys thrown around and destroyed, some toys are now missing. It was utter chaos.

Stay safe x
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