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MLS announces huge rule changes

USA Correspondent - Dave bin Laden              

In a new development to try and improve the popularity of 'soccer' in the USA, the MLS administrator, Don Garber, has announced major rule changes to commence at the beginning of 2010.

The biggest and most controversial proposal is to swap the traditional grass pitches with an ice surface and replace football boots with skates so American's will be able to familiarise 'soccer' with the popular American sport of ice-hockey.

On the rule, Garber was quoted as saying "This rule is set to revolutionise soccer as we know it, and I predict this is a step in the right direction for US soccer"

The league will take a 2009 hiatus in which time the teams can replace their playing surfaces which must be ready by fall 2009 or else the offending teams may face expulsion from the league.

Other rule changes include 'Celebrity Coaches' and after all current managers were dismissed from their positions; Toronto FC became the first team to announce the name of their new coach, that of Pamela Anderson.

Another matter that came up during the committee meeting was the possibility of increasing the number of goals scored per game.

"Well, I think everyone would rather see 7-5 score lines than 1-1" commented a member of the committee.



To meet these demands the offside rule has been abolished and replaced by a new rule similar to Basketball that prevents the ball being played back into the defending half after it has crossed the halfway line. The goalposts have also been increased from 8ft x 24ft to 12ft x 32ft. Goals scored from behind the 18 yard line will be worth 2 goals.

Also up for debate was the possible introduction of rolling substitutions.



Speaking at a press conference, a spokesperson for the MLS said "After the amazing win for the MLS All-Star team against British Premier Championship side, West Ham University and the recent arrival of England superstar Darren Huckerby, we believe that the MLS is already rivalling some of the top leagues in the world. And with these latest ideas we believe we can become more popular than major European leagues like the 'A' Series in Italy, the British Premier Championship and the newly created 'Indian Premier League' "

We'll have to wait until 2010 to see whether this will work or not but already Five and Setanta Sports are battling out for the TV rights. If any more information comes available Mingeford365 will be the first place to find out. Yee-Haw.


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