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Drugs Cheat Chambers to Embark on Career Wrestling Crocodiles

Billy Ray - Chief Sports Writer

In a bizarre turn of events Drugs Cheat Dwain Chambers has launched a final bid to rescue his sinking career Chambersby fighting crocodiles for money. The 30 year old Londoner flew to Thailand to compete in a local event while onlookers gazed on in amazement and threw money at him. Thrashing around violently in the mud, the intensely focussed Drugs Cheat Chambers wowed the crowd with several manoeuvres worthy of a world champion, the crocodile didn't know what hit it.

After picking up the money from the pit after the bout, Drugs Cheat Chambers spoke exclusively to Mingeford365 about his drive to clean up crocodile wrestling and turn it into an Olympic sport. "It feels good," he says when he sits down a couple of hours after the fight, in a tiny shack just outside of Phuket. "It feels much better knowing all the hard work I've put in and knowing that I'm clean, that I don't have to worry about all that shit. At the end of the day you're doing something wrong, and you know that. I'm smiling now more than I did when I ran 9.87sec and when I won the European Championship, because I knew then that I wasn't playing by the rules. But now I am. The crowds love me here, the crocodiles love me, and I'm determined to take this sport right to the very top."

It's almost hard not to get sucked in when Drugs Cheat Chambers speaks at length of the hour of training he put in to prepare for the fight, "I was in a bad place, when my agent called and said "Dwain, how would you like to wrestle crocodiles in mud while tourists and local gamblers throw money at you?", when that call came I knew what I had to do. I looked up the sport on wikipedia and was shocked to find it not taken seriously. I'm going to be representing Thailand in the World Championship, and then I'll tour and give this art the exposure it deserves. After that we're taking this to the Olympic commission to get it on the roster for 2012. They can't get rid of me that easily. I have a plan. I wasn't just fighting a large reptile in that pit, I was fighting Dame Kelly Holmes, Lord Coe, I was fighting my own demons, and I won" He laughs and takes a sip of his cocktail. We shake hands and part, and the Drugs Cheat Dwain Chambers story enters another dramatic chapter.

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