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Mingecast 8 is STILL Availible (along with the old ones) here.

The sound is sort of fixed now! Woop dee doo, and we think it makes the whole thing even better (if that was possible....)

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Wenger Tables £3M Bid for Unborn Foetus
Luton Town Deducted 30 Points; Made to Play in Clown Costumes
Drugs Cheat Chambers to Embark on Career Wrestling Crocodiles
FA Relegate Newly Promoted Stoke "for a laugh"
MLS announces huge rule changes
Shang Tsung OK's Rennie v Poll Caged Deathmatch; Record PPV figures announced
Harry Kewell Dies after Long Battle with Groin Strain
Curbishley Dismayed to Discover 3 New Signings are Fresh Corpses